MIND4MACHINES is a Horizon 2020 INNOSUP Project conducted with 11 partners from 8 countries, covering North and South, East and West of Europe, under the coordination of Istanbul Chamber of Industry from Turkey. Our project will give innovation support to SMEs to promote digitalisation of the manufacturing industry. In parallel with European Green Deal targets, we aim to contribute to a modern, resource-efficient and competitive manufacturing industry and hereby to the twin transition goals of Europe namely green and digital transition.

Therefore, MIND4MACHINES will provide:


   –              Direct financial support through open calls to facilitate that SMEs develop, test and fine-tune solutions so they can bring successful innovations to the market, boosting the generation of new industrial value chains. During the project, we will provide EUR 3,3 M of funding via two open calls.


              Tailored innovation and go-to-market accelerator programmes designed for different technology readiness levels (TRL) as well as investment readiness levels (IRL) of SMEs and startups in parallel with the open calls including a series of activities (bootcamps, mentorship, e-learning, etc.)




        Our investment readiness level (IRL) assessment tool will be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of SMEs and startups and to develop a tailor-made service programme that addresses the needs and challenges of our targeted users. Based on the scores obtained from the IRL assessment, the SMEs will be driven towards the tailored services and courses to improve the specific aspects where improvement is needed or to the Open Calls for direct financial or innovation services support.


        We will also act as an interface with the Open Innovation Platform, where manufacturing companies having digitalisation needs and challenges, and technology providing SMEs/startups with solution proposals will find the opportunity to come together to build project partnerships for the Open Calls and maybe even for other funding opportunities.


If you are working in the field of digitalisation of the manufacturing industry or looking for solutions to your digitalisation challenges, we would happy to walk with you during our journey.


So, we would like to invite you to follow us and keep in touch!


Mind4Machines team