Open Call-1 projects started, Live webinars in the frame of the Accelerator Programme start on 17 January, and Second Call will be launched in February…

We are in the middle of the MIND4MACHINES Project timeline. We are glad that our Open Call-1 projects started, and we are excited to see the results of the 21 MIND4MACHINES Open Call-1 projects in 2023.

We organized a bootcamp for our winners on 18 November 2022, where we met our beneficiaries for the first time and heard from them about their projects. On the same day, we had also the Kick-Off of our Accelerator Programme targeting our Open Call-1 Beneficiaries as well as all our Open Call-1 applicants. The only criteria to join our Accelerator Programme is that you are an SME and completed the investment readiness level (IRL) assessment offered by MIND4MACHINES. You receive the IRL assessment results via e-mail, which also includes recommendations about our Accelerator Programme. If you haven’t filled in yet, you can reach our IRL tool by following this link.

While monitoring our Open Call 1 projects and getting ready for the first run of our Accelerator Programme, we are also working on our Second Call. We are happy to announce that we plan to launch our Second Call in early February, so please follow us on Linkedin and Twitter and stay tuned.

You are invited to visit and check our Open Innovation Platform, where you can add your challenges to be solved or your solutions for specific challenges published and get ready for our next call.  

We wish you a great, fruitful, and happy new year with all your challenges solved 😊.

Keep in touch!

Mind4Machines team