Mind4Machines Open call results – Congratulations to the winners

And the winners are...

MIND4MACHINES (M4M) after a tough evaluation, we are glad to share the winning Projects of MIND4MACHINES Open Call 1 (OC1).

In our Open Call, we targeted digitalisation of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, we fund development, testing, validation, and market uptake of Industry 4.0 solutions of technology provider SMEs and startups. We have received proposals that included the collaboration of technology provider SMEs and industry partners for project applications. The industry partners act as end-users of the proposed solutions.

The Call for proposals was addressed to the European SMEs and start-ups that plan to develop innovative solutions addresing different kind of challenges that could be part of cross-sectoral and cross-border value chains with two different funding lines.

M4M consortium has evaluated the 202 proposals received and select the best projects to be funded with grants between €30K – €120K for 21 projects with a total funding for SMEs of €1.621.450 

Every funded proposal has gone through an in-depth evaluation process which included an assessment of the eligibility criteria and an external evaluation by a panel of 30 experts.

Those proposals that have not succeeded in the 1st call, have another opportunity to improve and apply to M4M’s 2nd call for proposals next year.

In the scope of our Call, we had two financing schemes targeting two different TRL levels:

  • I. Innovation Support – Testing & validating Industry 4.0 solutions [TRL 5-7]
  • II. Go-to-Market Support – Innovative solutions demonstration & scalability [TRL 8-9]

M4M consortium received 202 applications for those schemes and has selected 21 for funding. In total, those 21 projects comprise 29 SMEs from the ICT sector and 13 from manufacturing sector coming from across 11 European Countries.

Thanks to all applicants and keep in touch for our Acceleration Programme and our next Call. 

Congratulations to all the winners!

Mind4MAchines Open Call 1 results

Some statistics of of our OC1