Mind4Machines Success Stories open call 1

Revealing the Success Stories of Subprojects funded by Mind4Machines during Open Call 1

MIND4MACHINES (M4M) aims to facilitate the cross-sectoral and cross-border support needed by manufacturing SMEs to test and adopt the latest digital technologies for transformation towards smarter, greener, and more resource-efficient manufacturing, aligned with the latest EU policies.

M4M provided financial support for 21 subprojects during open call 1. Supporting subprojects via Cascade funding mechanism in two different TRLs, namely innovation (TRL 5-7) and go-to-market (TRL8-9) support schemes, MIND4MACHINES targets to improve the innovation, sustainability and resilience capacity of manufacturing SMEs. The following are essential points to emphasize the importance of this funding:

  • Drives innovation and technological evolution within manufacturing SMEs.

  • Offers tailored solutions to address unique challenges in various manufacturing contexts.

  • Contributes to a comprehensive transformation across the manufacturing sector.

  • Mitigates risks and promotes adaptability for SMEs in diverse circumstances.

  • Fosters cross-sectoral collaboration, sharing knowledge and expertise.

  • Develops a robust technological ecosystem within the manufacturing industry.

  • Targets specific challenges faced by different manufacturing sectors.

  • Enhances resilience to external shocks and boosts competitiveness for SMEs

M4M has funded various subprojects in OC1, with a focus on diverse technologies, industries, and objectives. They were encouraging the establishment of collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and cross-border partnerships among the subprojects to address industrial challenges.

We have compiled a serie of M4M success story videos in which both the technology provider and industrial partner showcase their accomplishments and the impact of the solution on their companies. These videos showcase tangible results, including improved efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced quality, and greater sustainability in compliance with current EU regulations.

The subprojects encountered various execution challenges, including technological uncertainties and industry-specific obstacles, which they successfully overcame. Despite these challenges, the project teams showed remarkable resilience and remained committed to the project goals. They demonstrated adaptability by swiftly adjusting strategies in response to evolving circumstances, ensuring continued progress. M4M supported subproject teams in achieving their objectives within specified timelines through continuous mentoring and monitoring processes.

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