MIND4MACHINES Team finally met each other face to face after 1 year of intensive online work!

The first year of MIND4MACHINES is completed. This year, MIND4MACHINES Project Team worked very hard to analyse the digitalisation needs of the manufacturing industry as well as the technology developer SMEs and to set the frame of the Open Calls. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, like many other professionals, we carried out all MIND4MACHINES activities online last year. We met each other via digital platforms and got to know each other online.

Finally, we organised our first face-to-face Consortium Meeting in Stuttgart on the premises of our partner bwcon on 8-10 June 2022. There were more than 20 colleagues representing our Project Partners, and it was great to be physically together under the same roof.

The first day of our meeting was dedicated to the Accelerator Programmes MIND4MACHINES offer to the sub-grantees as well as applicants of our Open Calls. A co-creation workshop was held to shape the Accelerator Programmes under the moderation of the bwcon team. Our Accelerator Programmes are under preparation, and they will be running in parallel to the Sub-Projects.

In the next two days, it was time to go over the activities done so far and plans for the next months of MIND4MACHINES. We were glad of the participation of our EISMEA Project Advisor, Milena Stoyanova, at our meeting.

With the energy gained during the 3-day meeting, we are ready for the next steps of MIND4MACHINES!

Therefore, we look forward to starting the sub-projects and accelerator programmes in the autumn.

So we are expecting:

Keep in touch!


Mind4Machines team