Your startup is “Ready to Invest”? Then apply for the bwcon #CyberOne Hightech Award

Your Investment Readiness Level (IRL) is the access to the M4M Accelerator Programme, which offers you the opportunity to improve specific aspects of investment readiness.

The tool is available free of charge.

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Therefore your SME is well prepared to participate in the business plan competition of M4M-partner Baden-Württemberg: connected (bwcon). Here you can present your innovation to a jury of experts and a broad audience from the hightech industry.

For the 25th time, the renowned CyberOne Hightech Award will be awarded to innovative SMEs from the sectors of industrial technologies, life science & health care and ICT & media and creative industries. Applications are open to teams from the three sectors who are no more than five years old and are based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany or intend to set up a business there. A high-profile jury will nominate nine finalist teams from all submissions, who will receive prizes valued at €100,000.

What are the advantages of participating in this type of competition?

  • Feedback: Participants receive valuable feedback from judges and other subject matter experts, allowing them to improve their business model and make it more viable.
  • Visibility: Participating in a business model competition can be a great way to increase the visibility of your company or business idea by presenting it to a larger and potentially interested audience.
  • Learning: Preparing for a business model competition involves in-depth research and rigorous analysis of the market, competition, and opportunities, which can be a great learning opportunity.
  • Networking: Business model competitions often attract influential people in the business world, which can be an opportunity to meet potential partners, mentors, or investors.
  • Prizes: Many business model competitions offer cash or in-kind prizes, which can be a great financial help to participants and their business.