Assess your Company’s Investment Readiness with the M4M IRL-Assessment!

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How “investment ready” is your company? Discover the answer by completing the IRL-Assessment to evaluate your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and development potential. As an entrepreneurial team, it is crucial to understand your key competencies and gain a clearer picture of your project. This knowledge will be invaluable when pitching to investors or validating and scaling your business model. 

The M4M IRL-Assessment is a self-assessment of specific Investment Readiness criteria aligned with the requirements of the European Investment Readiness Level (IRL). By completing the IRL-Assessment you will receive a score per category and an overall score as an individual result report by mail.  

Furthermore, the MIND4MACHINES Accelerator Programme will provide you with tailored recommendations based on your scores to help you navigate your next steps. 

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Already a user of our IRL-Self-Assessment Tool? Review your results!

If you have already completed the M4M IRL-Assessment as part of the MIND4MACHINES Accelerator Programme, take this opportunity to review your results. The purpose of repeating the IRL-Assessment is to compare your scores to show possible improvements through the M4M services or the past project months. Knowing your current IRL-Score allows you to use it as a key figure for your company’s Investment Readiness.  

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The tool has been developed as part of the EU-funded MIND4MACHINES project and is available to you free of charge.