Midway Breakthroughs in the MIND4MACHINES Project

Open call 2 results and new accelerator programme

The MIND4MACHINES project continues to forge ahead, marking a significant milestone in its timeline. Recently, the project team gathered in Dresden, hosted by Silicon Saxony, for a pivotal onsite meeting. This article highlights the key advancements achieved during this juncture and sheds light on the outcomes of Open Call 2 (OC2). Moreover, it explores the enriching experiences and fruitful collaborations enjoyed by the project partners at the 17th Silicon Saxony Day, a renowned annual event within Europe’s thriving microelectronics powerhouse.

  1. Onsite Meeting in Dresden: During the week of June 19, the MIND4MACHINES project partners convened in Dresden to discuss the project’s progress and strategize on future endeavours. Hosted by Silicon Saxony, the meeting proved to be a valuable platform for sharing insights, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that the project achieves its objectives.
  2. Advancements and Results of Open Call 2 (OC2): A significant focus of the meeting was the review of the results from Open Call 2. Our Open Call 2  received a multitude of innovative proposals, showcasing the breadth of talent and ideas within the MIND4MACHINES community. The evaluation process was rigorous, ensuring the selection of the most promising projects that align with the MIND4MACHINES’ goals. The meeting allowed the project partners to delve into the details of the selected projects and discuss strategies for their successful implementation.
  3. Enhancing the Accelerator Program: Building upon the success of Open Call 2, the MIND4MACHINES team dedicated substantial time to refine and enhance the accelerator program designed for the winners. The objective is to provide comprehensive support, resources, and guidance to foster the growth and development of these promising projects. By strengthening the accelerator program, MIND4MACHINES aims to maximize the impact of the winning projects and facilitate their integration into the market.
  4. Collaborative Experiences and Engagements: Beyond the project-specific discussions, the onsite meeting in Dresden presented an invaluable opportunity for the MIND4MACHINES partners to connect with other like-minded initiatives. Notably, the team had the pleasure of engaging with the Excite Eurocluster project, sharing experiences, and exploring potential synergies. Furthermore, a visit to the Volkswagen Transparent Factory provided insights into cutting-edge automotive manufacturing practices, inspiring the project members with real-world applications of their work.
  5. 17th Silicon Saxony Day: The MIND4MACHINES team was delighted to participate in the 17th Silicon Saxony Day, an esteemed annual event organized by Silicon Saxony. This gathering brought together technology experts, researchers, and industry leaders from the high-tech ecosystem of Saxony, recognized as Europe’s microelectronics powerhouse. It served as a prime platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and gaining valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in the field.

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