Resource efficiency

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SITE2MACHINES OPEN CALL 2 | INNOVATION SUPPORT  Name: Autonomous Indoor Building Digitalisation for MEP Manufacturers Advance Robotics Abstract: Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) contractors/manufacturers are required to physically visit each site to get the asset’s structural dimensions and characteristics ensuring that the manufacturing of MEP system complies with the building’s ‘as-built’ physical specifications. The SITE2MACHINES …



coatML OPEN CALL 2 | INNOVATION SUPPORT  Name: Development of simulation-based cloud computing and machine learning technology for next-generation coating process setup towards net zero by 2050 Resource efficiency Abstract: Thickness is one of the key features of any coating. This project aims to develop a digital twin solution for democratisation of high-speed coating …

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BAK3D OPEN CALL 2 | INNOVATION SUPPORT  Name: Machine Vision Solution for Product Customization and Process Optimization in Bakery Industry Resource efficiency Abstract: The project proposes solutions that affect the bakery industrial sector in 2 parallel ways. First, 3D Reconstruction and Photorealistic Rendering hardware and software solutions are implemented to give customers a completely …

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